If you want to keep your swimming pool sparkling with fewer chemicals all year round, Jon-Paul at Guseli Pool Care has got you covered.

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Personalised Swimming Pool Care

If you want to keep your swimming pool sparkling with fewer chemicals all year round, Jon-Paul at Guseli Pool Care has got you covered.

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The Guseli family has been in the swimming pool industry for three generations now, starting back in the 1970s. Because of our friendly and professional attitude, our name has garnered a positive reputation over the years

Today, Jon-Paul is a licensed swimming pool and spa technician working to provide you with high-quality service that is personalised to suit your requirements. He understands that every person is different and every pool is also different. Whether you’re at home, away on holiday or you’re renting your house out, we’ll make sure your pool gets the care it requires. We work to promote a healthy and safe swim, so everyone can enjoy their pool.

To cater to your individual needs, we offer a range of services that will keep your pool functioning the way it should.

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Pool Cleaning

From cleaning your filters to clearing your dreaded green pool water, we guarantee to make sure
your water is safe and healthy. We can provide regular pool cleaning or just a one-time service.

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Pool Maintenance

If your filter and/or pumps need repairing or you just need to make sure your chlorine and PH
levels are correct, we’re here to meet these requirements and keep your pool sparkling.

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Pool Supplies

We’ll make sure you have access to all the necessary supplies to keep your pool running smoothly. Whether that’s chemicals or equipment, we will have what you need and much more.

Why Choose Us?

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Personalised pool service, every person and pool is different. We promote healthy and safe water for swimming.

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Certificate III & IV for Swimming Pool and Spa Service. Licensed swimming pool and spa technician. SPASA Australia member.

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Family started building swimming pools in the 70s. Built & serviced swimming pools all over Victoria & NSW, 3rd generation in this work.


"The pool has never looked so clean"

Natalie, Woodlands

“Its great to have someone local looking after my pool”

Luke, Mittagong

“Guseli Pool Care customer service is unparalleled”

Jason, Colo Vale

“The water has a sparkle to it that I thought wasn’t possible”

Lisa, Bowral

“I’ve used a lot of different pool companies and Guseli Pool Care is by far the best one to work

Jim, Berrima

“The personalised service I get from Jon-Paul is unbeatable”

Paul, Bundanoon

“Since Jon-Paul has been maintaining our pool we have been using less chemicals and the water looks better”

Amanda, Mittagong

“We have been using the pool more since Jon-Paul has been looking after our pool”

Sarah, Bowral

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Call now to see how multiple generations of experience in the swimming pool industry can save you money, use fewer chemicals and give you better results!

If you want friendly and quality servicing for your pool,

call 0419 202 927 today

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